Top reasons why you should send your child to preschool

The trend of sending children to daycare is increasing more than ever. Taking care of the toddlers becomes very difficult when parents have to go to work. The policies of most of the workplaces also do not allow for women to take long leaves. While all these factors force parents in sending their kid to preschool, they can tend to be reluctant. However, there are several reasons as to why you can actually send them to daycare without worrying at all.

There are many preschools in Singapore like Chiltern House. So how do you choose one that is the best for your child? You should look at curriculum, quality of teachers and most importantly, the general ‘feel’ of the centre which you should get for yourself by going down to the centre. Check out one such preschool, Chiltern House here today.

The following article by UNICEF Philippines talks about the benefits of daycare.

Benefits of Pre-school for children

The brain develops at its most rapid pace in the first few years of life. Young children’s brains develop rapidly, with neurons forming at 700 to 1,000 new connections per second. These connections help develop a child’s physical and mental health. Read More Here!

Essentially, early exposure and stimulation can kick-start development among children. It is important to play and talk to the kids and encourage them to learn numbers, alphabets and shapes. Pre-school has all the necessary amenities and trained staff that can help children in learning as opposed to teaching them at home. Moreover, the quality of primary education also decides the kid’s performance in school. This is why you should ensure that the place you are sending your kids to is credible. Kids who go to preschool have high numeracy and literacy skills. They can easily gel up with fellow students and interact well. Sending your child to preschool will improve their social skills, set the right foundation for long-term learning, and helps them in all rounded development. The following article compares pre-school vs. preschool.

Pre-school vs. preschool

Most children begin school at the start of the school year in which they turn five, so when your child is three you may begin researching local primary schools and making your application. Many primary schools also offer pre-school education for children aged 3-4 years, and may suggest you move your child there before you make your school application. But is this right for your child? Let’s explore your options. Read more here!

The module of learning at the primary schools is far different than that in preschool. Preschools are more focused on individual needs of the kid. The staff gauges the interest of the child and then decides how to go about teaching them. However, pre-school has a set pattern that is followed for all students alike. The kid is less likely to make the most of pre-school as it is not based on their specific interests. Preschools have a wider time span for which you can send your kids. However, pre-schools have shorter duration post which you must pick them up. Thus, preschool is a better option if you believe in natural and effortless learning. Moreover, each kid is paired with the mentor of their choosing who the point of contact is for you. The below article by May Bulman at explains why children are better off at preschools than at home.

Why are children better off at preschool than home?

The study, by researchers at the London school of Economics and Oxford University, found children aged between two and three tended to be more stimulated at preschool due to the interaction with new children and adults, which helped their development. Read More Here!

Even the researches have shown that sending kids to preschool helps in developing the essential skills. It is always a good idea to send them to preschool instead of keeping them at home. The initial years are very crucial to the development of a child and it is important that you expose your children to all activities like playing and the like. Some researchers suggest that sending your kids to the playschool can make them more aggressive as they grow up. However, it is not essentially applicable to everyone. Kids who are exposed to a caring environment while growing up usually turn out just fine. You simply have to find the right type of preschool for your little one. Ensure that the staff is well trained and your kid is all set to go.

Thus, it is always best to send your child to the preschool rather than keeping him/her at home. The initial years are crucial for overall development of the child. The kids are indeed better off at preschool as they get trained by experts. It affects their overall ability to learn new things and helps them in future.