How to Identify the Ideal Private Kindergarten in Singapore

Parents in Singapore can opt to homeschool their kids or enrol them in a kindergarten for children. At least 98% of Singaporean parents take their kids to kindergarten. Joining kindergarten is the first step children take away from the security of their home and venture into the world. Kindergarten is also the beginning of a child’s educational journey. 

For most parents, the question is not whether to enrol their child in kindergarten, but which kindergarten is most suitable. Singapore has several private kindergartens for children, and parents are often overwhelmed when it comes to choosing one. After all, this is the first time the child will spend hours away from home, and they want to be sure that their kids will be in safe and caring hands. 

If you have a child ready for kindergarten, you can make the selection process easier by looking at what the various kindergartens have to offer. 

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Is the curriculum holistic and age-appropriate?

This is one of the most crucial things to look at when seeking a kindergarten for children. A good private kindergarten Singapore should help a child grow into a well-rounded individual. The best way to know if your child will develop holistically is by looking at the curriculum and seeing what impact it is likely to have on your child. 

Some of the areas you need to consider include your child’s social and psychological development, creative expression, numeracy knowledge, language development, literacy, and development of motor skills. Preschoolers tend to have an active imagination and are curious about the world. How does the school curriculum cater to the growing need for discovery in your child? The kindergarten’s teaching style should also be age-appropriate. 

How much does the kindergarten charge to train and educate your child? 

Private kindergartens in Singapore have different fees. The cost varies significantly, with some fees being quite affordable, and others prohibitive, depending on your budget. This is critical because if you choose a kindergarten you can barely afford, you will have a difficult time raising the fees and this will have a toll on you. In the end, you will end up frustrated and miss out on the positive changes in your child.

You should instead pick an affordable kindergarten. Granted, the cost of education and care is not the only priority, but it is an important one. It would help if you also appreciated that there are no guarantees that the most expensive kindergarten is the best one for your child. Sometimes, the price difference could be linked to the brand and location, and not necessarily to the quality of care and education that your child receives. 

A kindergarten should enhance a child’s personality.

Your child’s personality is his unique trait and can be great at helping you choose a kindergarten for him or her. Some children enjoy playing a lot, so you can opt to send your preschooler to a kindergarten that uses the play-based curriculum to impart knowledge on the little ones. All preschoolers are curious by nature, whether the child is outgoing or reserved. If you are concerned about your reserved preschooler fitting in, you can opt for a small kindergarten that will help him socialize without the process being too overwhelming. 

You should take the time to find the perfect kindergarten for your child. The various kindergartens have their strong and weak points. However, you can find a balance when you choose one based on your child’s strengths.