Why Kindergarten is Important

Why Kindergarten is Important

Kindergarten is a German word that stands for Garden for the Children. As the name suggests, kindergarten is indeed a garden for the children to blossom and bloom into the ideal future citizens of the world. If you are looking for a well curated Kindergarten school in Singapore, you should look up My Little Campus. This Kindergarten has a fantastic curriculum that includes social skill development along with creating a sense of desire to know more among children. A Kindergarten is not a place where the young one learn a lot already but it is a place where they mould their little minds in preparation of what is to come.

Social Skills at Kindergartens

One of the most important lessons learnt at a Kindergarten is discipline and social skills. When a child at such young age is taught to wake up on time and follow a timetable it creates in these young minds an impression that the fabric of the society is discipline and it is the way to live. Discipline is the number one education any kid can be imparted with. The second most important lesson is social skills which include manners, peer to peer interactions, junior to senior interactions and student teacher relationships. This is the time and place for children to learn manners, punctuality in order to be able to respect another person’s time, sharing, helping, cooperation and the art of making friends. The social element of livelihood in companionship and sooner a child is taught this framework, healthier the lifestyle he or she will lead.

Sharpening the Brains

Besides the most important social skills, Kindergarten also buries the seed in a child to want to know more. It instills a thirst for knowledge. The curriculum is moulded to allow the children a taste of all that is to come their way when they head to primary education and ahead. The curriculum even goes on to include various subjects such as proficiency in the languages, science, mathematics and so on. It even includes various games, team building activities and ample other exercises that will create in your children a desire and willingness to begin their educational journey with ease and comfort.

Kindergartens are indeed the most important stage of growth and progression. It is highly advised that parents make a very informed choice when it comes to hand picking a perfect school for their little ones. After all, the quality of education begins here and when you pick the right one, you have a child that is already well on the path to a successful education.